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About Cars 3

Country: United States

Year: 2017

Category: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Release Date: 14 July 2017

Director: Brian Fee

Starring: Armie Hammer, Nathan Fillion, Owen Wilson

Age Restriction: 2 years

Duration: 94 minutes

Budget: $90,000,00

Box Office: $?

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Cars 2

3 Great Reasons To Watch Cars 3

“Cars 3”, Having made a spy in the last installment of the series Lightning McQueen returns to the tracks in the promising delivery of the popular series of animated films of Disney Pixar.

Cars (2006) the first installment of Disney Pixar's popular humanized car series was a milestone in the annals of animated films. With an intelligent and exciting story and visual richness comparable to that of Disney's great hand-animated movie films of the 1930s and '40s, Cars earned it a legitimate spot on the list of great animated films of all time.

However Cars 2, the second installment of the series, had a somewhat loose and confusing story, again confirming the old adage that 'never second parties were good'. However Disney Pixar does not give up and this June 16 is released Cars 3 and judging by the new trailer released by the studio the series returns to its origins.
This time Ray McQueen, the hero of the series returns to the tracks after having suffered the indignity of being cast aside by a new generation of faster cars. But as it is a film and Lightning McQueen is the undisputed protagonist of the saga, we know that he will try to achieve a triumphant return to the tracks and also that he will probably succeed.

The realism of the scenes in the tracks that we can see in the advance is incredible and if the whole film is consistent with the trailer that we just show the studio and the story is half as good as the Cars, Film will be guaranteed.

#3 A great release date: April 28, 2017

We offer you a new poster of the movie Disney Pixar Cars 3. An intense video clip in which the protagonist appears again at full speed. Although as you can see, touch will change forever. A quote that perhaps also augurs the turn that John Lasseter, one of the "parents" of Pixar and the saga Cars in particular, advanced a few months ago when the project was launched. The first lines of the plot of the movie 'Cars 3' are presented as follows: Surprised by a new generation of ultra-fast racers, the legendary Ray McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) is suddenly relegated to the sport he loves. To resume his career, he will need the help of a young racing mechanic, Cruz Ramirez, who has his own plan to win, as well as the inspiration of the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a couple of unexpected turns.

Cars 3 Development

Director Brian Fee to prove that the number 95 is not far from finished, the champion will have to test his worth in the great circuit of the Piston Cup. The premiere in theaters of 'Cars 3' is scheduled for next June 16, 2017.

Cars 3 Full Movie Storyline

After big announcements this Tuesday by The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm, Disney • Pixar decided to give something more to fans of the silver screen and launched the new trailer for "Cars 3". The advance that excites us all shows the challenges that 95 must face, as well as his new friends and old acquaintances like the beloved Mate.
In this anticipated sequel you will see that, surprised by a new generation of ultra-fast racers, the legendary McQueen is set aside in the sport he loves. To get back into the ring, you'll need the help of Cruz Ramirez, a vigorous young racing tech who has his own plan to win, as well as the inspiration of the late Hudson Hornet and a couple of unexpected twists. To prove that he is not yet finished, he will test the heart of the champion in the biggest stage of the Piston Cup.
The film will premiere on June 16 thanks to the direction of Brian Fee and the libretto by Daniel Gerson. The voices of the characters in the original language are written by Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo (Cross Ramirez), Armie Hammer (Jackson Storm), Kerry Washington (Natalie Certeza), Nathan Fillion (Sterling) Lea DeLaria (Miss Fracture), Bonnie Hunt (Sally Carrera), Tony Shalhoub (Luigi), Cheech Marin (Ramon), Jenifer Lewis (Flo), Katherine Helmond (Lizzie), Paul Dooley Larry the Cable Guy- (Mate).

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